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Our signature black PTSD snapback hat with black raised embroidery and a white embroidered outline. 

Do you know someone who’s living with PTSD? Or maybe you, yourself, struggle with this at times?

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, can have a major impact on the life of someone we love. At Statemint, we understand the obstacles that PTSD presents and would like to contribute in a small way to the fight against it.

We are now offering a unique, special-edition awareness hat, the upside down backwards PTSD hat, that’s designed to spread the message of PTSD awareness.

The hat is a high-quality, yet affordable way to show support for those with PTSD. With its vivid colors and bold logo, this hat is sure to draw attention and start conversations about this mental illness.

The PTSD hat isn’t just a hat – it’s a Statemint. For every hat sold, we will donate a portion to a local organization that supports those struggling with PTSD.

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